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What is Health Coaching?

Did you know there is a new type of healthcare professional that can help you create a customized approach to transform your health? This relatively new role in healthcare is known as the health coach. What is a health coach? A health coach is your personal health cheerleader. Health coaches engage patients and meet them where they are, so they are more successful at making healthy behavior changes.

Perhaps you have reached a point in life where you are ready to make healthy and permanent lifestyle changes that will benefit your overall health. You may have tried these approaches unsuccessfully in the past. A health coach can help you weed through the confusion that comes with wellness trends such as diets, exercise programs or the newest wellness practice. Great health coaches can navigate you through barriers, habits, and mindsets to help you achieve the goals you actually set.

There are many health conditions (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) that can be corrected and prevented through lifestyle modifications. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is not designed to support people through the process of changing their lifestyle. Health coaches fill in that role by teaching you consistency, application, and accountability for your behavior changes. They can also be a friend when struggling, a mentor and an empathetic ear.

At Rocket Healthcare we have a full-time health coach that works with our patients to create SMART, realistic goals for wellness. SMART stands for: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. There is no one size-fits all plan when it comes to wellness. We sit down with each patient and take into account all areas of their life to create very tailored goals based on the patient’s focus for change. A holistic approach is used to address subjects such as weight management, nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, stress management and emotional wellness. Once the initial goals have been set, we initiate 30 day follow ups to touch base with the patient on their individualized wellness paths.

When it comes to larger lifestyle changes, having a supportive health coach to guide and motivate has been proven to give patients more success than those who try and manage their wellness on their own. If you are interested in learning more about our health coaching services for individuals or small businesses, give us a call today!

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