Do You Turn to Dr. Google or Nurse Facebook?

Do you have a financial advisor? Do you have a favorite hair stylist? How about that mechanic you swear by who knows everything about your car? We all have experts in our lives that we trust to ask questions, get answers, and think through what to do next. That said, ask yourself, who is your trusted health advisor?

Far too often, even if we have a primary care doctor, we don’t necessarily feel comfortable going to the doctor to ask simple, everyday questions. It’s not worth making an appointment to ask about that weird rash on your toe, and not worth bothering to try to call to ask over the phone either. We’re lucky if we have a friend or family member in the medical field, although all too often they won’t have the specific knowledge we’re seeking. So, far too often, we turn to Dr Google. Or Nurse Facebook. Or the guy at the bar who promises that a little garlic in your tea will clear it right up…

Which doctor is the best one to see for shoulder pain? What’s the best diet to get rid of that gassy feeling in my stomach? How do I know if that new weight loss supplement really works? We all have those questions that don’t necessarily fit with the usual stuff we talk with a doctor about during a routine visit. As a result, though, far too often we choose to self-treat based on partial information, misinformation, or no information at all. We don’t necessarily know where to go, where to look, or whom to ask; we don’t have that same trusted advisor for our health that we do for so many other aspects of our lives.

In Cocoa Beach, we’re fortunate to have a strong, well-educated health and wellness community. We have a number of local experts who have taken the time to follow their passions in developing an expertise in things like herbal treatments, physical fitness, and meditation. It’s important to seek the advice of trusted advisors with a proven background d in the field; not only do they know what they know, but they’re always willing to reach out to a peer or friend with additional knowledge when they’re not quite sure how to help. That network of health and wellness peers in the community lean on each other to share knowledge, work together, and educate each other to endure we can thrive as a community with the best guidance and advice possible.

Your primary care doctor should be that hub the network ties into, managing your health alongside3 your wellness, guiding you to make sure that you avoid potentially harmful treatments while ensuring you can take advantage of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your primary care doctor is with you each step of the way to make good choices based on sound advice. When it comes to your health, it’s important to make good decisions to get healthy and stay healthy.


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